Calling all the Jungle Addicts…Thursday’s were made for Deep, Rolling Drum & Bass. We’ve got it covered!!This week we have a special guest by the name of Bruce Willis??


This Weeks Line Up:

Bruce Willis??
Tasha Baxter


When: Thursday 29th May 2014
Where: And – Braamfontein – 36 Stiemens St. Braamfontein
Damage: R30 b4 10pm R50 after | No U18’s | ID on request | R.O.A.R


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*Bruce Willis*

To say that Tyron Kuypers (aka Bruce Willis??) has his roots deeply entrenched in the electronic music scene of Cape Town would be a serious understatement. It would, in fact, be more accurate to say that Ty has been an incredibly influential force in the actual development of the scene itself. While he may be best known as a drum ‘n bass DJ, he has also been involved in some scene-altering parties and productions.
In 2007, together with his partner, Danna Gordon, Ty pioneered the electronic scene through a series of creative events labelled ‘Arcade’. Originating at Mercury Live, ‘Arcade’ moved between venues in and around Cape Town and was eventually used as a base to launch what is now known as the ‘Music Box’ stage at Earthdance. They also worked within their brand to develop other unique platforms for festivals and clubs.

The success of ‘Arcade’ was followed by a more intimate approach and in 2009, alongside Graham Kennedy, Ty launch the novel concept of ‘Brick City’; a platform for young, up and coming DJs which has since given rise to some of Cape Town’s most prolific electronic artists such as Das Kapital, El Gordo, George Daniel, Totem and ALXR. Currently, Ty also runs an event known as ‘iKhaya Fest’ which is an exploration into the multitude of electronic genres that can be found in the culturally diverse city of Cape Town.

Organising events is one thing, but over the past three years, Ty has also strived to find innovative ways to publicise the music and event industry through the visual arts. His initial endeavours in this were through the online youth video platform, ‘Don’t Party.TV’ which he founded with Michael Hazel in 2010. In February 2012, however, ‘Don’t Party.TV’ was dissolved in order to make way for AVA (Audio Visual Alchemy) which aims to create online experiences that connect brands and people through the ‘art of motion’.

Most essentially though, of course, Ty is a DJ whose heart can be found deep within the genre of drum ‘n bass. Bruce Willis??, the alias, was realised in 2007 and marked the beginning of a love affair with the music that Ty now uses to expertly manoeuvre dance floors along winding paths and tales. His sound is simple, yet substantial, and he strives to keep a strong personal connection between himself and the rolling tunes that he so effortlessly, yet thoughtfully, melds together to form seamless experiences of movement, meaning and rhythm.

Having created space for artists to perform, and having performed himself at countless festivals and parties alongside names such as Cyberpunkers, Nymfo, Ruckspin, Gaslamp Killer, Sigma, Logistics, LB and Far Too Loud, Bruce Willis?? has made an outstanding name for himself in the music industry of South Africa. His dedication to the scene, his passion for drum ‘n bass and his DJing expertise will ensure he continues to set new ground and inspire new audiences in Cape Town, in South Africa and perhaps even in the world 😉

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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