Air Cinema Club is back with a horror movie!  Being that it happens on Friday the 13th.  The movie they’re showing is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Its followed by a horror themed after party!  So don’t forget to dress up!

There are 3 types of Tickets you can purchase:

1. R120-Movie Only (Incl. entrance, bean bag, bottomless popcorn.)
2. R150-Movie and After Party (Incl. Movie entrance, bean bag, bottomless popcorn and after party entrance)

or… if you are slightly faint hearted and would prefer to miss the scary movie, you can still purchase their 3rd package:

3. R100- After Party.
A horros themed party on a 5 story roof with a 360 degree view of our beautiful City!

Address:  The eerie, 308 Fox Street, Maboneng Precinct.

Get your tickets HERE

Here’s the event page:



Written by Nic Berti
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