| Andy Islands [Interview]
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Andy Islands [Interview]

Andy Islands [Interview]

We had a chat with Andy Islands ahead of his set at Grietfest about making music, who to keep an eye on in the music scene, and eating the snacks the international artists get at big shows.  Check it out…


Your music has gone from Beach Party to Gateway Drugs and now you are

running solo, how does your music style change and progress in events like



It’s been a very easy progression. I’ve been making electronic music on my own since

before Beach Party and Gateway Drugs existed and I was doing both at the same time

but I’ve just only recently started making stuff that I like enough to share with other


How would you describe your music style today?


Just a weird mixture of all the stuff I love.


Any new sounds you have been playing around with?


Yes, I’m working on new stuff constantly. I’m currently finishing up my collaboration

with Albany Lore which should be out soon via Red Bull Studios.


What is your process with preparing for events like Grietfest on the 29th of



My preparation process for this kind of thing is super relaxed. I like to just sit in front

of my computer, drink some tea and procrastinate. Then at the last minute I’ll get

really really stressed out about not being ready and have a small to medium sized



Do you ever get pre-event jitters, especially for events as big as Grietfest?


Definitely. This is the biggest show I’ve done so far and also my first show outside of

Cape Town so I’ll probably be nervous right up until I start playing.


Some backstage secrets you can share with us?


This is more of a tip than a secret but if you are ever backstage at an event like this

you should check out what kind of snacks the international acts are getting and then

try to eat some when they aren’t looking.


Are there any local artists you have been keeping your eyes on?


Yes! I’m keeping my eyes on Seferino and Manaleen. Maybe one eye per person.


Considering any collaborations with the other members in the line-up for Grietfest?


I haven’t asked him yet but maybe Kat La Kat.


Are there any side projects you’ve been working on that we can look out for?


I’ve been making aggressive techno every Wednesday with my friends Tom and Nick

for like two years now. We’ll probably release something quite soon.


Where can we get a hold of some of your latest music?

If you want to listen for free:

If you want to send me money:

Nic Berti

Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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