Large On The Lawn is set to host South African music icons Mango Groove and indie favourites Al Bairre on Sunday 26 March for the next instalment of the Joburg Summer Concert Series.

Mango Groove are one of SA’s most loved groups who have delivered multiple hits since the late-80’s with songs such as ‘Special Star’, ‘Dance Sum More’, ‘Hellfire’, ‘Moments Away’ and ‘Hometalk’ becoming evergreen hits for the group. The group exploded into the national consciousness with the release of its 10 times Platinum debut album in 1989. Since then the group, with its uniquely eclectic Big Band ‘’Marabi-Pop’’ sound, has truly captured the hearts of all South Africans both here and all around the world. Powered by Claire’s utterly distinctive, soaring vocals, and featuring the unique texturing of the penny whistle and big band Marabi horns, Mango Groove has racked up a host of achievements throughout the years, and has firmly established itself as one of South Africa’s most recognised and loved music icons. The group have also just released their brand new album ‘Faces to the Sun’.

Sadly for Joburg fans, this will be the last time Al Bairre will perform live in the city after the band announced their split on social media on the 21st of February.

Johannesburg! We literally and figuratively can’t wait to see you one last time! You’ve always been a bunch of wild animals on the dance floor when we play, so we’re very super duper excited for one last boogie with one of our first loves. Wear something loose.”
exclaims Al Bairre front-man, Kyle Davis.

Come enjoy one last show with Al Bairre as their mix of cello, violin, ukulele, keys, guitars and drums with distinct indie vocals, backed up by angel-like harmonies from identical girl twins, create an ‘ice cream of orchestral sound‘ live show that will make you lose both your shoes.

An epic Sunday awaits as we dance one last time with Al Bairre and ‘Dance Sum More’ with Mango Groove.

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Written by Nic Berti
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