Line-up• ADHDJ’s (Shortstraw DJ Set)
• Bully
• Half n Half
• Otters Pocket
• Feed the Animals

El Paso, it is what we decide it to be.

Come on down and have yourself a merry old time, El Paso was created to be exactly what you want it to be sprinkled with the best in indie & disco remixed.
Join us as we take a musical journey with some of most talented up and coming musicians in South Africa


A DJ duo thought up by the crazy dudes over at Shorstraw. While sweet indie rock is what they are most known for, these guys have a love for “music” that spans far beyond their current discography, come on down and get a little taste of what two of the raddest dudes (Al & Gad) in the music industry get down to in their spare time


Eve of the frown and Chris of Casioheart have come up with something special, just for you.

Otter’s pocket

A fresh new DJ Duo straight out of Jozi town, influenced by the likes of Ghost Beach, Kill Them With Colour, Oliver Nelson, Elektromekanik, St Lucia, The Knocks and Classixx, come on down and squeak some tekkie with these glorious bastards as they share their take on Indie-Dance/Nu-Disco/Disco House/Tropical House.

Half n Half

He needs no introduction, undoubtedly one of the top selectors South Africa has ever seen, the gem that is Half & Half is ready to open the gateway to a musical journey that can only be described as Muy Bueno!

Feed the Animals

Music is their refuge, an expression of themselves. With a record crate that encompasses any conceivable genre of music (there are a lot), and a whole lot more, these funky fools are set to blow your sweet little face off. To put it lightly.

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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