We abducted Farryl Purkiss in the lead up to him opening for Ben Howard on the JHB leg of his tour alongside Bye Beneco. He said some cool things on where he is currently touring and some other rad things.


1. You are currently on tour out of SA, where have you explored so far?

I have been in Asia the past 4 months. I have toured Europe, Australia and the States many times, so this is my first time in Asia


2. What’s the one thing you can’t tour without other than your guitar?

My pedal case. It’s my magicians briefcase


3. How do you fill your time between music and shows while touring?

I am very good at chilling. I also have business ventures that I am a part of now which are taking up a lot of my time between shows.


4. First thing you did when you were told you have been chosen to open up for Ben Howard Live in JHB on the 25th of June

I was in a mall in Singapore when I got the call, I headed straight to a Baskin Robbins and bought a celebratory ice cream cone.


5. Pre-gig traditions?

Glass of red, and keep to myself.


6. You worked with Kieran Kelly on your 2013 album Home. Any plans to bring another producer of his caliber in for your next album?

I’m not sure, I might try and take the producer helm myself on the next one. I’ve done it myself before and I really enjoyed it. But I am very open to having a producer from outside my circle come in, just all depends where my heads at when the time comes.


7. That was me hinting for you to spill the beans on a new album, can we expect one anytime soon?

I’m writing, let’s leave it at that.


8. Have you been playing around with some new music styles and genres? 

I’m always trying to push myself artistically. With every album I make I want to re-invent myself sonically. I find my biggest inspiration through listening to new music


9. Where can we keep track of your adventures?

Just head over to www.farrylpurkiss.co.za and all links to my social networks are there

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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