We had a quick catch-up with our homies from Float Parade while they plan their set list and suede outfits for the annual Halloween PTA party at Arcade Empire this Saturday, 31 October. 


How would you describe Funky Soul as a music genre to your grandparents?

Well Oupa it’s like when Stevie Wonder parties with BB King!


 You recently introduced a new member to your band – tell us about him.

His name is G Boy, he is a badass bass player. He is now the most good looking member in our band…


How did the Funky Soul genre start for you guys?

It seems to have been the natural evolution of our sound… NOICE!


What would be your perfect Halloween outfit for the Arcade Empire 2015 Halloween party?

Oooh suede suits baby.


What has been your favourite gig at Arcade to date – regardless of if you played or not.

The night Yo Grapes, Float Parade, and Desmond and the Tutus played and then I got to DJ after that was a crazy night. A close second would be the ah la la’s show.


When can we hear that Superfunk song you have been bragging about?

Bwahahaha Halloween all shall be revealed…


You have a My Space page – What the actual f*%#?

Guys… It’s coming back, Justin Timberlake assured us.


Other than My Space, where does Float Parade spend most if its social time?

Drinking, Practicing, Rehearsing, and binge watching series with the ladies 😉


If you want to chat to them yourself have a look at their social pages:




Written by Nic Berti
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