We sat down and had a chat with Jo’burg’s indie disco king Data Takashi ahead of his set at Grietfest this Saturday.  What a rad dude, check out what he had to say.


If there is one person we know that knows Disco, it’s you. When did
you first get involved in the genre?

I wouldn’t say I know Disco THAT well really, especially not the
original older stuff definitely not the cheese, but I did fall in love
with the sounds that it progressed to, that it influenced, and the
modern offshoots. Punk Funk, Dance Punk, Mutant Disco, Space Disco, I
guess what people call Nu Disco, etc. And I do appreciate a good edit
But basically I first got into it as a rock n roll kid discovering the
DFA label, finding my feet with a new kind of dance music.

Would you agree with the statement : “it’s not about the disco beard
on the outside, it’s about the disco beard on the inside” ?

With much bias, yes, but only ’cause i can’t really grow a proper beard!
It’s a blessing and a curse.

Let’s go back in time a little. You used to play in the old days in
old Melville, old Tokyo Star and some of the lesser known parties:
What do you miss most about those days?

My friends who are apparently too old to come out for a dance anymore
these days.

Now to current day, you’ve crafted a pretty unique sound for yourself
over the year. How would you describe it to people that have never
heard you play before?

In a nutshell its Modern Disco. Dance music that should appeal to
quite a mix of people, whether they are into rock and roll, disco, 80s
pop or more discerning house music.

What can we expect from you at Griet this year?

As always I’ll try to fit in plenty of new, fresh stuff! Sometimes
buffered with friendly vibes for the uninitiated, need be. But I live
in the moment with everyone on the dancefloor, so I mostly wing it and
take it from where my slot fits in with the rest of the line-up, who
is before me and who is after me, what the dancefloor is looking like,
that kind of thing… It will be Disco though!

If people miss out on Griet, but they really want to see you jam,
where is the best place for them to find out where you are partying

I do my own party called Disco De Moda and I often play at Kitcheners,
my favourite dancefloor in South Africa! Best to stay tuned to either
my Data Takashi FB Fanpage or the Disco De Moda fanpage.

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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