We had a chat to up and coming artists Jimmy Nevis a while a go, take a look…


  • Your new album is on the way, and we’re pretty excited to hear what you have got to offer this time round. How was recording this album different to your debut?

It was different because I felt like I had more of an identity and therefore it was easier for me to express my opinions and my thoughts. I also co-produced alongside another producer for this album which was different because I usually do everything myself – but it was great to bounce off another person creatively.

  • You’ve been in the spot light now for a good couple years now – Have you become used to all the media attention and everything that goes with being an entertainer?

For the most part yes. I think that everything in this industry is always changing and as long as I can stay true to myself amidst all the chaos, then I’m happy. It’s my passion but it’s also my job and I like any other career driven person, I plan on being the best in my arena of work.

  • Your signing and distribution deal is pretty awesome, and now also being signed to Ultra records. What is the most complicated thing about working with labels, and what would you recommend to other artists as a “need to know” item about working with labels and stuff?

I think that knowledge is important – make sure you are clued up about publishing, business and legal aspects of the music. Make sure you surround yourself with a team of lawyers and mentors who can assist you and guide you through the processes that exist outside the music. Also, don’t be a dumb musician – it’s called the music business for a reason.

  • You’ve been able to do some pretty awesome collaborations with other SA artist – can we expect some new ones on this release or in the near future?

Not specifically on this release just yet. I wanted the 10 songs off this album to be personally sung by me but I am in contact with a few musos and so who knows what may come in the next few months.

  • Day Dream (Last Night) is the single that is currently going around. Are there plans to do a video for the single?

Yes, I am looking to do a fun-filled video. Something that really expresses the feel of the song. I’d really like to involve my fans in this video.

  • You’ve said that “…I love the fact that I can be a part of someone’s memory. Pop music has that power.” What is the one music moment that will live in your memory forever?

I think whenever I get to perform my own music and hear the audience sing it back to me. Those moments really stand out and put my passion and commitment to music into perspective. It’s a beautiful moment that very few people get to experience.

  • Besides the new album coming out now in November, have you got any other special plans for the rest of the year?

More videos as well as a Nationwide Tour. Also launching a new branch of my brand in the form of a charity driven multi-media portal as a way of giving back and educating people in helping communities in need.

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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