| Josh Wantie [Interview]
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Josh Wantie [Interview]

Josh Wantie [Interview]

We had a chat with up and coming local musician Josh Wantie about his new single, collaborating with other artists, his influences and a whole lot of other stuff.  He’s a rad dude.  Check it out:


You’ve just released your first single ‘Go Under’, can you tell us a bit about what went into writing it?

yeah! I was writing very mellow acoustic stuff that had somewhat darker undertones, and I felt like I needed a more synthy and positive track, something more uplifting…  So I started playing around with some ideas I had and the track developed 🙂


When can we expect to hear more tracks from you?  Maybe an EP?

Definitely and EP set for early next year, I just need to track a few more songs 🙂


Your debut single is an awesome blend of indie rock and folk, what and/or who influences your music the most?

I am having a had time deciding this actually haha, I am influenced by a lot of different stuff. The stuff I listen to the most doesn’t actually sound like my music which is strange. I think artists like Lorde, James Vincent MckMorrow and Ben Howard are probably who I listen to the most.


You’ve also done vocals on FDVM’s deep house track ‘Brightest Light’, how does it feel to be featured on a song that has 1.5 million plays on SoundCloud?

It feels great haha. Those guys were super awesome and easy going, they just contacted me out of the blue oneday and we started working on that track. I had no idea it would blow up like that.


Which local bands have you played alongside and who would you like to share a stage with in the future? 

Just been on tour with Gangs of Ballet which was great obviously. I’ve also done shows with Matthew Mole, Majozi and The Kiffness which were all awesome. I would like to share the stage with them all haha, there are some great artists here.


Talking about sharing the stage with local musicians, can we expect any collaborations along the line?

Deffinitely. I would love to do some collaborations with some local artists. Maybe Matt Mole, Timo ODV, Casper Nyovest haha…anyone really, depends who would be willing and keen to work with me.


Any hopes and dreams you have in regards to your musical career?

Yeah, I love SA, but it’s always been a dream of mine to have some international success as well. The other hope I have is that my music speaks to people and that people are left with something positive when they hear my stuff. SA can be really negative sometimes, the music scene included, and I want to hopefully be part of building the scene up. I want to always be humble and rad to everyone I meet and deal with.


For those who’ll like to catch up with all things Josh Wantie, where can they do so?

They can do so on all the social media feeds, Facebook, Twitter and the one I probably use the most, Instagram.


Take a listen to ‘Go Under’, it’s really really good!

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