It’s the battle of the blogs… but not really, it’s more like South Africa’s best bloggers making sweet love on the dance floor!Your trusted advisors in current news, funny shit, stupid shit, and everything you find rad! It’s about time we got to know the people behind the screen, and what better way to understand these virtual figures then to take a dive into their musical flavour, because you are what you listen to at the end of the day.

The first installment of Lorem Ipsum see’s these rads kids on the decks sharing their favourite tunes!


Mixed Apples
Bangers & Nash
The Beard
The Fuss

A little bit more about our guests:

||Starved ||

Blog | http://www.thestarvedblog.co.za/
Twitter | @starvedSA
Facebook | www.facebook.com/StarvedSA

There’s a pumping, vibing culture of people we like to call

Starved is an online magazine and culture for the creative people in need. We are the prophet who provides the bountiful baskets of ‘food’ to the inspiration hungry masses.

Through Starved we showcase the creators out there that are keeping creativity alive.
We also provide that high pedestal for the many creatives who are just getting their fires started.

To submit work, events or opinions, contact:

email | annie@starved.co.za (editor)

Mobile | 082 961 7998 (all day mobile)

||Bangers & Nash||

Blog | http://www.bangersandnash.com/
Instagram | @bangersandnash
Twitter | @bangersandnash

He hates talking about himself (me) in the third person, so let’s keep this brief. B&N is a lifestyle blog that covers a vast variety of topics, and ignores even more. Music, brands, events, travel, waves, entertainment, festivals, it’s all here.

Take a look around, if you like what you see drop Nash a mail nash@bangersandnash.com

||The beard||

Blog | https://www.facebook.com/TheBeardJHB
Twitter | @TheBeardJHB
Instagram | @TheBeardJHB

The Beard symbolizes rock ‘n roll, an independence, a movement away from what mainstream culture thinks is appropriate. Its indie. People look at indie as only indie rock music, the way we look at it is indie encompasses music that is independent and not too main stream. Indie can range from your underground electro DJs to your indie rock bands and everything in between. Indie can really be anything that is not too commercial.

We strive to bring you the best indie events (with the occasional commercial festival) and to show you that Jo’burg is one of the most exciting cities to be living in at the moment. Look around you. Believe it. Its happening.

If you’d like us to promote an event send an email to either one of us ::


||Mixed Apples||

Blog | www.mixedapples.co.za

In a nutshell, Mixed Apples is #WordOnTheStreet.. We are a blog based media platform for aspiring and talented individuals, where all the content is solely focussed on getting to know more about each athlete, musician, artist or even events. We love telling people’s stories!

Contact them info@mixedapples.co.za

||The Fuss||

Blog | www.thefuss.co.za

The Fuss is a music blog based in Johannesburg whose primary mission is creating a fuss around the rich and diverse pool of untapped local musical talent.

We are dedicated to creating and nourishing a hunger for local musical talent through our online platform and experiential management.

Contact them: pobox@thefuss.co.za


Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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