I recently got to chat with Mike Zietsman of PHFat ahead of his set at the Maribou State gig happening next weekend.  Here’s the short and sweet interview…

You’ve come a long way since ’Dinosaur Blood’, how to do think you’ve progressed as an artist since being part of a group to going it solo?

Going solo means I can really rinse out all of my own ideas. It gives rise to a whole range of new directions and I think the stuff I am releasing over the next year or so will really qualify that statement.


Would you ever do another collaboration with *FUZZY SLIPPERZ* and why?  For the record, I think this is a great idea. 

Of course. Fuzzy isn’t really rapping much these days I don’t think though. But he’s making some incredible art. seriously. Check it out.


Being the go-to guy to open for big international acts, which international would you dig to share the stage with?

Sheesh. Uhm. Maybe Bjork? or Childish Gambino? OR Kaytranada? I dunno… lots of em that i’d love to play with.


Where do you see PHFat in the next couple of years?

Further established and growing steadily like it has since day one!


We’re stoked to be checking out PHFat alongside some other rad local acts and of course Maribou State (UK) next Saturday the 9th of December at The Goodluck Bar!


Photo cred: Tash Montlake


Written by Nic Berti
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