We caught up with Martin Rocka ahead of Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop’s set at the Cool Ink Tattoo Expo at the Voortrekker Monument this Saturday.


1) You guys have had a pretty illustrious musical career (tearing the roof of Roxy’s comes to

mind) and still here to perform to the crowds. How long do you think you’ll continue to

make music for?


Thanks we have had a good, long ride and we will continue to make deranged psychobilly until it’s not fun anymore I suppose.


2) The last couple months have been a little quite from your end though. What’s been keeping

you guys busy?


we have been quiet after the passing of master skin basher mr boy Mcleod ,but we’re back n bad .


3) We heard a few whispers here and there about a potential new album/release coming up.

What’s the news with that?


the new album is a bunch of songs I’d written while Boy was with us and the new kid Jono was kind enough to step in on drums and finish what we started.  The result is an album not raw ,hard and un layered called INBRED OUTLAWS .


4) The Fifth Cool Inc. tattoo convention is coming up and you’re on the bill. Any special

surprises in store for the performance?


Cool ink is always a highlight for us it’s the perfect audience for Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop


5) For people that are not really all too familiar with the Rockabilly movement, how would you

explain the sound and culture to them?


rockabilly and Psychobilly go hand in hand . Rockabilly is the more traditional blues n rock n roll based style where psychobilly is based on that but harder ,faster and darker .The whole tattoo,rock n roll and car vibe are part of the culture but I think it’s more a lifestyle than a style or scene .


6) The end of the year is closing in on us pretty quickly. What have you got planned for the rest

of the year and can we expect some JHB performances any time soon?


Next few months for us are all twisted by the pool , new album ,as many gigs as poss Cape Town tour November ,live DVD early 2015 all fun n games
-check Facebook out for info Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop .


Check Facebook out for info Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop .
Stay Sic!
Mr Rocka


Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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