We did an interview with the man himself, Mr Sakitumi.  Check it out yo!

  • So it’s been about year since the release of Sweet & Sour Vol 1 – what have you been up to during the last year?
             – i’ve been playing with a lot of super talented local artists and bands this past year, like phfat, ej von lyrik, jeremy loops, zaki ibrahim and goodluck. some of them have also taken me around the globe with them: reunion islands with ej von lyrik, uk and canada
               with jeremy loops, egypt (cairo) and lebanon (beirut) with zaki ibrahim. the grrrl and i are currently in europe. we return for oppikoppi in august.
  • You’re known to play in a number of different bands and outfits – which is your favourite to play in & why?
            – haha, i don’t do band favouritism 😉 basically, with every band /outfit that i perform or tour with, i’m in the moment with them i.e. i’m really enjoying their songs and having lots of fun performing those songs with them.
  • S&S Vol 1. Was kinda a way for you to experiment with different genres, so coming back to Vol 2 can we expect the same kinda thing?
           – to a degree, yes, but with some newer ideas, different genres and fresher tunes. vol.1 pioneered this concept, which made it easier for me to dig deeper in vol.2.
             it will still have the concept of harder, grittier, faster etc electronic beats, contrasted with intimate piano / orchestral versions of those same tracks.
  • The EP is going up for free download, where will people be able to get it?
           –  they can get it off my soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/mrsakitumi/sets/mr-sakitumi-sweet-sour-vol-2
              or via mediafire with 1 click (including album cover artwork by the grrrl): https://www.mediafire.com/?4w5ccol4nkm6g9t
  • What is your favourite track on the EP?
           – mr & grrrl (sour) feat. the grrrl
             this is our first song together. one day we were jamming around vocally and this came up. super proud of the grrrl kicking a verse. the choruses also have a lyrical sense of humour.
             we liked it so much that we even made a quirky video for it (shot, edited and effected by the grrrl), styled by the amazing crystal birch (with the assistance of jade ayla rea & louise steytler)
             here is a link : http://youtu.be/3KVpL1u2kGg
  • What is your least favourite track on the EP?
          – in context of the ep, squigglyjam (bonus track), just because it doesn’t fit the concept. i really dig it.
  • Any plans to do a EP launch tour around the SA lands?
          – none yet, but we do return in time for oppikoppi odyssey, to play these new tracks out for the first time in sa! we couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.
  • You’ve played at a bunch of festivals over the years, both locally and internationally: What are some of your best memories of the festival?
          – shew, soooo many festivals over the years for me. for the grrrl & i, internationally….pitch festival in amsterdam (we played the first ever pitch and seeing it again 3 years later has been amazing, it’s grown so much)
            and locally …. oppikoppi (2 years ago we had such a great gig there. during the day we went around with a gopro & handheld recorder, grabbing footage to do a video mashup for mk electro)
  • We’ve getting to half way through the year: What has been a highlight for you from the past 6 months, and what are you most looking forward to in the last part of the year?
           – all the globe trotting with the amazing artsists that i mentioned earlier, definitely a highlight. i always feel so fortunate to be able to travel through music.
             releasing sweet & sour vol.2 on july 4th pretty much falls into the last part of the year 😉 so that is a highlight. later this year i’m working on our ‘closet snare’ album.
             it’s another outfit that the grrrl and i are part of, an electronic-jazz-improv-audio-visual band with 3 other talented musicians (mark buchanan, lee thomson and jonno sweetman)
             we’ve written new material, recorded each instrumentalist separately and are putting it together in stages. i’m getting to produce this, so that is exciting for me.
             apart from that, i’m also continuing to finish my well extended vocal collab album.
  • If people want to get in touch with you, where is the best place that they can do so?
            -hit me up on any of my social media pages, i always make an effort to reply:
             or our site:

See below for more info on some download, videos, and tracklistings…

MR SAKITUMI Release New EP – Sweet & Sour Vol. 2

Today sees the official release of a brand new EP by MR SAKITUMI entitled Sweet & Sour Vol. 2. It follows the release of Vol. 1 (in December 2013), which was the first in this series ; the concept for the venture is about contrasts – a contrast in musical style to his normal signature Mr Sakitumi sound and a contrast of each track featuring two different versions. The ‘sour’ part of each song, consists of a bassier, grimier, harder and dancier version of the track, whilst the ‘sweet’ part being more intimate as a piano/orchestral version.

Vol. 2 features newer, more banging tunes along with beautiful, gentler piano/orchestral versions to contrast. For the first time, one of the tracks – ‘Mr & Grrrl (Sour)’ also features The Grrrl on vocals with Mr Sakitumi.

“I’m experimenting a bit more with the ‘sours’ in this one, pushing the envelope. It has my fastest track to date ‘Space Fortune Cookie (Sour)’ which clocks in at 180BPM! The ‘sweet’ versions are going to be such great contrasts once again.”

The EP still features Mr Sakitumi’s signature epic element which threads through – to a degree ‘Mr & Grrrl (Sour) feat. The Grrrl‘ has a lyrical sense of humour. ‘Squigglyjam’ (Bonus Track) is again closer to his lighter side in beat making.


Mr Sakitumi found inspiration for the EP whilst being out at clubs and festivals, hearing friends and DJ’s playing much harder music to what he normally does. ‘Space Fortune Cookie (Sour)’ was an idea which sparked from meeting and seeing the performance of Nosinja (Shangaan electro) at CTEMF. Mr Sakitumi always wanted to try a really fast track inspired by this genre, so this is how it came about. He drew on elements, but

made it his own.

The EP was written over the last 3 months and mostly recorded in his own studio. He is currently in Berlin, and had to mix most of the EP on headphones, whilst being out of South Africa. Mastering was done by his friend and fellow Lark member, Simon ‘Fuzzy’ Ratcliffe (Sound & Motion Studios), who also mixed the 3 Sour tracks.


Sweet & Sour Vol. 2 Track List

1. One Ton Soup (Sour)
2. Mr & Grrrl (Sour) – feat. The Grrrl 3. Space Fortune Cookie (Sour)
4. Squigglyjam (Bonus Track)
5. One Ton Soup (Sweet)
6. Mr & Grrrl (Sweet)
7. Space Fortune Cookie (Sweet)

“As always, I’m excited to put new music out there! This EP pushes me to think and create differently, both in the ‘sweet’ and the ‘sour’ tracks. Vol.2 just became a level up for me!”

Download SWEET & SOUR VOL. 2 here:
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mrsakitumi/sets/mr-sakitumi-sweet-sour-vol-2 MediaFire: http://tinyurl.com/pstzobb



Mr Sakitumi & The Grrrl did a guerrilla style shoot before heading off to Europe, styled by their friend Crystal Birch, with the assistance of Jade

Ayla Rea and Louise Steytler. With their help, they have created some fun footage and wore some outrageous outfits.
The idea was to use it as VJ samples for their live performances, but they loved it so much, that they turned it into a video for ‘Mr & Grrrl (Sour)

feat. The Grrrl’.
Watch the video for MR & GRRRL (SOUR) feat. THE GRRRL here:

YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/ovgxgsv Vimeo: http://tinyurl.com/ns9n33p 

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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