Yesterday saw the official release of the brand new single by WATERMARK HIGH. The single, entitled GALOCHER, is the first track from his new EP, FOR GOOD, set for release 26 May 2015.

GALOCHER (which means ‘French kiss’ in French), is one of the older tracks from the new EP, and WATERMARK HIGH started working on it around a year ago. He completed a demo version of the track one night at 4AM when he couldn’t sleep, and finished it earlier this year when the rest of the EP was written. He describes GALOCHER as ‘one of those tracks which just kind of wrote itself.

The track was constructed in the signature WATERMARK HIGH style of cutting up different samples and putting them back together to form a new whole, along with his approach to vocal sample processing, similar to what we’ve heard on some of his previous work.

“‘Galocher’ boils down to a swung kind of old-school hip-hop beat with various chopped samples, some synths and a gibberish vocal hook or two; all geared towards conveying a certain mood or feeling. In this case, a mix of melancholy and excitement.”

Download GALOCHER here for FREE

WATERMARK HIGH’s 4th EP, FOR GOOD, is set for release on 26 May 2015.


Written by Nic Berti
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