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We did an interview with Nomadic Orchestra ahead of their Gauteng winter tour, check it out…


1) Your debut album “Move Your Things” came out roughly a year ago, and now there are

already talks of a new album – did you guys catch the “recording bug”?


I guess you could say that, however, we feel that we’re not recording enough at all! Our

supper supportive fan base is in need of some entertainment and they totally deserve it.


2) For your debut album you said that recording didn’t go so well in the past, and now

everything has come together and the band has the right fit – do you guys still feel like

everything is running at 100%?


Yes, definatley! We are still very happy with the standard of work that we do, and

everyone in the band. ‘Move Your Things’ was definatly a step for us, now the chalange is

to the next one better than that.


3) Your #FindTheNomadsCampaign is something we haven’t really seen in the SA market

– bands playing “secret” shows and just popping up in random spaces. How was that

campaign planned and mapped out?


We made the decision to do some real(not facebook) marketing and asked our friend

Ryk Otto, a recent AAA graduate, to help us plan something cool. Some time after that,

we were once again desperatley looking for a place to rehearse. We found nothing so we

dicided to call our friend, Le Riche Meyer at Desperados in Obs and asked if we could run

our set at the Bar. We messaged some mates to join us and among them was Ryk, who

quickly saw this as marketing gold. We picked 10 venues we thought would get attention

and went for it.


4) Not to beat a dead horse, but can other cities expect something similar later in the year?


Shhhhhhhhh It’s a secret!


5) The Winter Tour is kicking off in June, and we are stoked to see Jozi is the last stop – are you

guys excited about getting out for the Winter?


Hells yah! Cape Town goes into total hibernation when the rains come. This does not do

good for our frail egos and flat wallets. We’re really looking forward to our Jozi social



6) You’ve said that new songs are busy being written at the moment, are you going to test

them out to the crowd on the Winter tour?


Only a couple. We will not perform a song until we’re completely happy with it, so it takes

us a while to introduce new material into our set. We will be playing at least two new ones

and a fresh cover though. We should have a new album by year end.


7) Capital Craft Beer Fest is also on the list for the Winter Tour – In all seriousness, how many

litres of craft beer do you guys think you could drink as a collective unit?


It’s hard to say. Four out of the five of us drink like the average South African so we might

manage to put away quite a bit. Greg – our guitarist – will hardly ever drink more than one

litre. Shall we estimate 15 Litres? We’ll see. It might be difficult to keep count as we near the



8) International bands are being announced left right and centre at the moment, are there any

acts you are amped about seeing in SA this year?


Soooo many. I can’t believe the bands I’ve seen in the last while. Looking forward to

Wolfmother!!!!! So happy that this is finally happenng in SA. Can only hope that we find

ourselves opening for these legends some time soon.


9) Any other big plans for the rest of the year that we should know about?


We have two video releases this month: On the 9th of June, we are releasing a music video

for our song “Mondays.” On the 18th of June, at The Waiting Room in Cape Town, we are

hosting a launch party for the #findthenomads campaign documentary by Tash Montlake.

We’re also busy finalising dates for a short East Coast tour – Grahamstown to Cape Town.

We’ll be putting up dates for this soon on

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Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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