We had a chat with The Moths a while ago, check it out…


  • This is the first time we’re chatting to you guys, so can you give us a quick history of how you got together?


Chris bullied two guys into playing surf with him, then those two dudes left and then Chris found two other guys who could kinda play their instruments and that’s that.


  • You guys call Jozi home, so where are some of your favourite places to hangout?


HON, Bobs, Boh, Kitcheners, Piston Ring, comic book stores, the internet.



  • And favourite venues to play?


Kitcheners, Buck and Hog, Alicats, HON, anywhere where we can play on the floor.



  • You’ll be in Durban this weekend playing with some other rad bands. When you go down on tour do you guys make a nice long roadtrip of it or just a quick in and out?


Driving to Durban is like driving down the road these days, it’s mad easy after a while, and we have such a solid relationship with the Heat City bands that it’s like coming home but being on holiday at the same time.



  • In a battle of the Chris’, which Chris would come out on top?


Chris (the tall one) has got reach, but Chris (Cobra) is a scrapper, so we’ll have to fight each other sometime and see.



  • Your album “Beware Of” is up on Band Camp for free download. How important is giving away free music for you guys?

What do you mean it’s free?! Who fucked that up?

We’re enjoying the fact that people like the music, we really like the music, so we’re just going to keep putting it out for free.

So to answer your question; Very important.



  • You’ll be venturing out into PTA for Park Acoustics at the end of the month which is awesome. How did you guys get involved with the PA crew?


Henk hooked us up when Australia’s Dune Rats came out here again, and we’ve just kept in touch since then.



  • The lineup is pretty spectacular. Who are you looking forward to checking out on the day?


It’ll be the first time for us playing with these bands, so we’re just amped to check out everyone on this crazy solid lineup.



  • Where is the best place for people to keep in touch with the happenings of the band?

We’re on Facebook and we’ve just set up an Instagram account for our upcoming adventures around the country.



Written by Nic Berti
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