We had a chat to Ambush ahead of Grietfest 2014, check it out.


You’ve had a long standing relationship with Drum ‘n Bass. Can you give us a quick history of how you found the genre and what it is about it that made you stick with it all this time.

I have always had an alternative taste in music, in 1994 I heard The Prodigy for the 1st time and this was my intro into Electronica.

A year later I was at a “rave” at the Electric Workshop, after a full night of Techno the sunrise set was given to Jungle Brad aka The Criminal. This was the 1st time I had heard Jungle and after that experience all I wanted to be was a Junglist.

Drum n Bass developed from Jungle and has been constantly evolving and pushing boundaries and developing new sounds and sub genres. Besides the love for the music and the constant evolution The Drum N Bass family is something you cannot let go of.

You’ve played besides some really cool names (Dieselboy, Pendulum etc) and also were apart of organising events: What do you prefer, being an event promoter or DJ? 

There is very little that feels better than DJ’ing. I much prefer rocking the party as opposed to providing a platform for others to rock the party.

Digital music is an amazing thing, and you’ve had some great success on Beatport: What’s it like knowing that people really enjoy what you are doing and are willing to spend money on your material?

Digital Music is amazing and the fact that its much easier to reach a larger audience that was previously inaccessible gives me great joy.

This make me think;would you prefer to have sold a fair amount of tunes on Beatport or have loads of people illegally downloading your tunes?

You’ve been around SA and Europe spinning tunes, what is the one thing that all crowds you have played to have in common?

Looking at other genres its quite often about how they look or what they are drinking when it comes to Drum n Bass, its all about the music and getting down to the beats – no holes barred.

Now Grietfest! How did you get involved in the festival?

I think the peeps enjoy my music and the way I play it, hence I get invited to play.

What do you think it is about Grietfest that makes such a success?

Every year it just gets bigger and bigger!  The people and the acts make Grietfest, together with proper organisation and some hype, This event is turned into one of SA’s finest electronic festivals.

For the next festival, who are some of the people you’d love to see come and grace the stages?


Liquid Stranger

Pixel Fist



Written by Nic Berti
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