We had a chat with Sideshow ahead of Grietfest 2014, this is what she had to say…  This lady kicks some serious ass on the decks, be sure you do not miss her set at Grietfest!


Coming down from Cape Town to JHB to play at Griet is pretty awesome, but coming down for one night seems a little crazy. Any plans to jam at other venues while you are down?  

It’ll be a whirlwind excursion and I plan on partying with a lot of friends I never get to see. It’s a great opportunity to both work and play so i’m probably going to wreck myself by being at GRIETFEST from start to finish. But if you guys want to hook up a sneaky afterparty just holla!

“The New Slang” was a project with DANK, so carrying on with that, what are some of the best slang words you know? (throw in some filthy ones there also just for good measure).

(The DANK edition was actually the launch of The New Slang brand.) I swear like a sailor but my slang steez is pretty lame. I have delusions of being a latino badass so I say “homie” and “vato” a lot which means the dirty words would be “puta” and “cabron”. I say “dope” and “fly” a little too much as well. I have a boundless adoration for languages and literature so I try not to bastardize them too much. BUT I also have the Urban Dictionary app on my phone, for emergencies 😉

Assembly Radio is the station you call home, and internet radio is always being asked about, but what do you think about the state of internet radio in South Africa right now?

Internet Radio is the easiest way to bridge the gap between myself and the dudes sitting in Portland, Stockholm or Melbourne. In South Africa, internet radio is still in it’s infancy but as long as the culture exists and there are people working actively to nurture it, there is no reason why it can’t eventually supersede FM radio. The Internet itself makes the whole world more accessible and puts us all on a level playing field. If you have bandwidth you have a connection.

How do you think we as a music community can make it better?  

Stop complaining about how shit mainstream radio is and find an alternative. Research what your options are and download the relevant apps on your smartphone. Interact with show hosts on their social media so they know you are listening and help make internet radio the rule rather than the exception.

Now onto Griet: What are you most excited for on the night?  

I’m damn excited to play. Other than that I’m out to meet the lovely humans that speak to me on the internet and discover all the talent I hear and never get to experience first hand.

What acts do we absolutely need to make sure we see?

My hit list for the night:










but i’m all ears and open mind for everything!    

When we are in Cape Town next can we have a sleep over?  

Damn straight, but be prepared to see the sunrise before that happens because when I party, I don’t fuck around.   Also, thank you for the excellent questions. See you at GRIETFEST!


Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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