| Beatenberg [Interview]
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Beatenberg [Interview]

We had a chat with Beateneberg a while back, take a look…


  1. New album The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg has just been released, are you guys relieved to finally have sent it out into the world?


Matt: A most emphatic yes! Now that the stress of making it is over  we can start stressing about people’s reactions lol


  1. Tells us a little about the recording process? What’s studio life all about?


Matt: Equanimity is a good word. Recording a take can get you really flustered, and you have to try and stay cool and composed and try to just feel whatever it was that made the part work in the first place. That’s largely an acquired skill I think. I think the cliché ‘love the process’ is also helpful.

  1. Remember You & Rafael have been insanely successful tracks so far, being played a zillion times on pretty much all major radio stations, how do you guys react to something like that?


Rob: We’re really grateful that so many people respond to our music like this! We hope to keep delivering the goods.

  1. Matthew is in the lyrics video for Rafael playing some tennis – Are Ross and Robin not much for the gentleman’s sport of tennis?


Rob’s about cycling and yoga, Ross is into running and swimming. And Matt is indeed about tennis. Although he is not always such a gentleman – he is glad that Beatenberg fans don’t see him cursing in moments of frustrated weakness on the court.

  1. Personally, who do you think is the best Tennis player in the world right now?


Matt: I think Novak Djokovic is the most solid. I heard that he made a statement to the effect of ‘If I am fit and play to the best of my ability I always win’. I think that’s probably true at the moment, one possible exception being when facing Rafael Nadal on clay.

  1. The album launch is kicking off at the end of the month, have you guys been putting in some major rehearsal time to make sure everything is on point?




  1. You’ve been down to JHB a bunch of times, so when you are down here where are your favourite places to hangout?


Kitcheners, Great Dane, Father Coffee, Dahleah’s Eatery, 44 Stanley Ave.

  1. If you could take one thing from JHb back with you to Cape Town, what would it be and why?


Rob says: the social atmosphere, people here are all cool and friendly, I love the Joburg vibe.

Ross: A jacaranda tree, maybe a jacaranda bonsai?

Matt: Some smog in a glass jar


  1. We’re super stoked to see you guys, and pretty amped about the new album – what else can we expect from you guys for the rest of the year?


More singles from the album, more shows, more vibes…

Nic Berti

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