| Dan Patlansky ‘Dear Silence Thieves’ Album Review
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Dan Patlansky ‘Dear Silence Thieves’ Album Review

Dan Patlansky’s latest offering Dear Silence Thieves starts off hard and in your face with the track ‘Backbite’, it’s pure unadulterated Rock n Roll.  It makes me think of a smoky, seedy bar in mid-west America (in a good way).  The guitar solos Dan pull off are absolutely mind bending, just wow,  just b-e-a-u-tiful.  One solo in particular can be heard throughout the track ‘Hold On’ which slows down the album and automatically reminds me of Shinedown’s 2003 album Leave A Whisper, what an album that is. You can feel the emotion of the song course through you.  I’m a huge fan of guitar solos (who isn’t?) so I am being quite biased here, but this solo brings a tear to my eye, it’s just that great!

The album sways between country inspired rock, hard hitting Rock n Roll, and acoustic soft rock, so prepare for a great musical journey.  Dan’s gruff voice is raw and full of emotion and between his voice and the way he plays that guitar, I don’t know which one is more powerful.  With hints of Alterbridge, Buckcherry and Pearl Jam, this album is a treat for any lover of rock.  Do yourself a favour and go out and get this album, you won’t be disappointed.  Grab your headphones, lay back, close your eyes and revel in the musical prowess of this phenomenal musician.


Album reviewed by:

Nic Berti



Nic Berti

Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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