JUSTIN MILLER (DFA / Have A Killer Time, NYC)

Justin Miller is a quintessential New York City DJ.
Mixing the classically cool with the always-cool and the brand new, he’s a selector whose tastes spread across best of Disco, new and old, techno & deep house.

Part of that diversity dates back to his first DJ gigs spinnning punk rock records in an LA dive bar while working at a record store, but most likely comes from his tenure as DFA Records assistant label manager and sole employee for seven years, guiding the seminal NYC label through one of its most fruitful periods.

With artists including LCD Soundsystem, The Juan MacLean, Hercules & Love Affair, Still Going, Benoit & Sergio, Runaway, Canyons and Walter Jones, a diverse crew of disco-leaning artists, Miller helped to establish the best of the best in modern dance music as part of one of its most respected and influential imprints.

He’s the rare yet enviable combination of the two ends of the disc jockey spectrum: he is all at once a “DJ’s DJ” and a party-friendly, floor-commanding maestro of the downtown New York City scene.
The Wolf + Lamb cohort has fostered a reputation as an international taste-maker with globe-spanning gigs, from Fabric, Cargo, and Plastic People in London to Social Club, Scorpitone, and Le Baron in Paris to the humble War Room in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Having recently left DFA to start his own label Have A Killer Time Recordings, the new imprint will see releases from like-minded artists as well as debut productions from the man himself, as he begins to focus more on his own career after helming one of the most formidable juggernauts in dance music for almost a decade.

From the leftfield electronics of Cale Parks, modern Balearica of Culture Fires and utopian disco of Walter Jones, to the deep house club tracks of No Regular Play and Anthony Collins, Miller’s ear picks up a wide array of sounds and puts them all together in the most cohesive manner. Much like how DFA was a gateway for him and literally thousands of other kids, Miller’s label maintains a crucial level of accessibility for all dance music fans and soon-to-be fans alike.

Oh and yeah, he manages Nicolas Jaar’s label too.

TYSON BALLARD (Voyeurhythm / Have A Killer Time, UK)

Music is in Tyson Ballard’s genes, his neurons sing to each other, every beat of his heart is like a kick drum, each footstep a snare. His only motivation is love for the art with a firm focus on the highest quality. With this mentality he has already achieved what so many of his peers yearn for… timelessness.

Currently presiding over an empire that includes a successful label – the impossible to spell but highly respected Voyeurhythm – a DJ and production career spanning over two decades, and a sideline in producing
some of the world’s very best rotary DJ mixers, making music comes as naturally for Tyson Ballard as walking upright. Born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, but now settled in Berlin after living in various locations around the world, his father was involved with a rock band, his mother a violinist and before them, his grandfather was in the army band – so with musical notes dancing around in his bloodstream before he was even born, Tyson’s destiny had been decided.

Early success came as a drummer with hip hop group The Fuglemen in the nineties, before he began to pursue his love of techno in the early 2000s. He picked up a residency at Adelaide’s best-known club, Minke – where he warmed up for Australia’s ‘Godfather of Techno’ HMC (AKA Late Nite Tuff Guy) every week. In 2008 he relocated to the UK, where he hooked up with London party promoters Love Fever and conceived his label Voyeurhythm with friends Ben Sun and Mostyn.

Tyson is now settled in Berlin with his own family. There he frequents flea markets, adding more and more records to his huge collection – which is made up of everything from library sounds to psych-rock – on a weekly basis.

Constantly on a forward march, he has launched a brand new venture with the enigmatic vocalist, Sheff, called Son Of Son. Their partnership has already given birth to several raw, Chicago-influenced cuts, with a live stage show in the works and festival bookings flowing in already. If that wasn’t enough, his Condesa line of rotary mixers are currently amassing a growing fanbase from all over the world. With the emphasis on craftmanship and exemplary sound, they truly are the Rolls Royce of mixers and another notable high point on Tyson’s impressive list of achievements.

Our 2 international guests will be supported by Disco De Moda favourites Chris Keys and manskap represent, Warren Bokwe, along with resident DJ, DDM head honcho, Data Takashi.

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Broaden A New Sound Production.

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Written by Nic Berti
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