We had a super quick chat with TiMO ODV, the brains behind the song Save Me. Here is what he has to say about his future plans, music and his couch.


What does your ID call you?

Timothy Oude Vrielink


Kempton Park

Favourite instruments to play?


Next up after Save Me?


Most played song on your iPod right now?

James Bay – Let It Go

Catalyst moment that pushed you to start your music career? 

Resizing that in today’s world achieving your dreams are on the same difficulty level as getting a decent job.

Where do you hang out on your off days? 

The couch

Twitter or Instagram? 

Instagram @timoodv. I suck at Twitter

What does the next year look like for you? 

Busy, many different music projects in many different genres for many different artists including myself.

If you weren’t a muso what would you be doing? 

Graphic Designer


If you haven’t yet, go watch the official video for Save Me and while you are at it go stalk him on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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