We had a chat with German techno legend ETNIK about DJ’ing, techno and coming to South Africa.  We’re damn excited to check out his set on Saturday and so should you!


Your musical journey so far has been an interesting one: From making music, to DJ’ing and then being signed to major labels, what has been the most exciting part so far?

– To me all of it is exciting and new and hopefully will be for a long time. My profession gives me the chance to do new things ll the time. This week I shot a music video for the first time which was fun. It’s for the first single from my upcoming ep.
What is it specifically about Techno music that drew you in?
– I’m a big fan of drum programming. That immediately drew me to techno. Later on I discovered that I really like playing sets in front of lots of people, too. That’s an energy you can’t compare to anything else.
Now that you are here in South Africa (and we are most pleased to have you) what are you most excited about seeing and doing?
– I’m really curious to see how the South African people react to my music. I’m also looking forward to seeing a couple of the other artists playing at Grietfest, Koan Sound for example. And I hope I get to see a little of this beautiful country of yours, too!
Grietfest is the reason you are coming down: What had you heard previously about the festival to make you want to come down and be a part of it?
– The promoter actually invited me to come play last year, which unfortunately I couldn’t make. So I’m very happy and thankful for being invited again this year. I think the line up is very diverse and I’m excited to be a part of it!
For people that have not been introduced to you or your sound before, what can they expect from your set at the festival?
– I think ‘German engineered techno music‘ might describe it best. I’m a perfectionist, I spend hours on perfecting sounds. But as far as my live-set goes, I like variations. That’s why I include a lot of other artists’ productions in my sets. I want people to dance and have a good time at my shows!
There are tons of local acts playing at Griet this year: Have you got your eye on any South African acts that you really want to check out while you are down here?
– I haven’t had time to check them all out, yet, but I will definitely sit down and check out the Grietfest roster!
You’re still relatively young and have done tremendous things already in your career, what else would you like to achieve before you leave the music business?
– There are so many things I have on my list. I would like to be music director for fashion shows for example or write my own symphony. The list is long 🙂
Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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