La-Rochelle had a chat with the man himself Haezer about all things Grietfest, experimenting with music and collaborations. Check it out:


You will be attending Grietfest in the middle of your European Tour, any friends you’d like to bring along to SA, maybe Black Tiger Sex Machine (asking for a friend)


I recently played in Montreal and hung out with all the kannibalen boys. I had a really good time with Apashe and i’m very stoked that he’s coming to Grietfest! Griet already brought Black Tiger Sex Machine to South Africa in October last year, but maybe they’ll come again next year 😉


 What are some of the fun ways you experiment with making music?


My favourite thing at the moment is using my TASCAM recorder and just recording everyday life sounds and incorporating it into my music. I’m touring Europe at the moment and I take the recorder everywhere with me. Also when i need to record some rough vocals, I use the TASCAM and then I’ll redo once I’m back in studio.


 Can we expect any of these experimentations in some of your newer music, maybe Grietfest?


Yes! I have plenty of new tracks to try out at Grietfest and most of them have some sneaky field recordings sampled in.


When comparing the two EP’s, Gold Plated Frequencies and The Wrong Kid Died, it’s easy to see that the latter as mainly collabs. Was there a reason behind this?


With ‘The Wrong Kid Died’ I wanted to create a different synergy in my music. Something a bit more organic and analog. At the time I felt my music needed a human element to it. With ‘Gold Plated Frequencies’ I wanted to focus on the acoustics and sound design, it was made with playing it in a club in mind.


Any collabs you are currently working on or recently worked on that you are super stoked about?


I am very happy with my collaboration with Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo from Bloody Beetroots. It turned out to be a special piece of art and the remixes are also fantastic. I’m also particularly excited about my collaboration with Bart B More and also King Gibbs featuring on a new track.

Anything cool you get up to pre-gig?


It’s nothing like people imagine. Most of the time it’s just us dj’s nerding out about production and having a few drinks and laughs. I use to party pretty hard, but now I’m more focused and don’t really party before i play.


What are some of your favorite things you look out for festivals like Grietfest?


The carefully curated line ups is what excites me. Grietfest is a festival for the people and for the artists playing it. Everyone I know will play Grietfest again at a drop of the hat, because we all know the crowd is amazing, the sound will be epic and that the festival does everything in it’s power to make the experience unforgettable for both audience and artist. It’s a festival that pushes new music and artists instead of just booking the most popular dj’s/producers at the time.


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