Giving the public a pick me up in more ways than one, the new caffeinated chocolate brand ZANG is launching into Jo’burg with their #ZANGlift piggyback taxi service, using wrestlers as vehicles.

Three burly Lucha Libre wrestlers – turned human cabbies – will be stationed at a special piggyback taxi rank at the Neighbourgoods Market, offering free piggyback rides between the bars and cars around Braamfontein on Saturday 15th August.

Following the international success of the Cape Town launch earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before ZANG bought the Lucha Libre wrestlers came to Johannesburg. With the chocolate now available across the City of Jo’burg, and into Pretoria, the time is now!

While being ferried by these colourfully dressed wrestlers, passengers will get to experience ZANG caffeinated chocolate – giving them a ‘pick me up’ while they’re being picked up. The wrestlers exemplify the off-the-wall, unselfconsciousness of the brand.

“We’ve included Twitter functionality into our taxi service and everyone at the Neighbourgoods Market can now hail a ZANG Lucha Libre at this Saturday, simply by tweeting at us,” says Brett Horwitz, ZANG’s Director of all things Technical.

To hail a ZANG Lucha Libre piggyback taxi this Saturday, attendees need to tweet “#ZangLift @ZangChocolate” and go to the ZANG taxi rank at the entry ramp to the market.


The ZANG Lucha Libre will be at Neighbourgoods Market, Braamfontein this Saturday from 12pm.



ZANG is a brand new caffeinated chocolate bar, designed to give you a pick-me-up when you need it most.  It is the first chocolate in South Africa to add function to delight, as pleasurable a recharge as one could ever hope to have.  Whether it’s a mid-afternoon office slump, a pressing deadline or cramming for exams, ZANG has a coffee-like-kick that gives you an extra bit of a boost.  Caffeinated chocolate is a first for South Africa, and the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs Brett Horwitz and Jethro Braun.

“It was important for us to not compromise on taste and quality. So we worked closely with a local chocolatier and used only 100% cocoa butter, and no fat substitutes, to create a premium product – all made here in South Africa.” says Braun.

For the brand’s identity and design they partnered with branding specialist Grant Rushmere, known for his work on BOS Ice Tea, Afro Coffee and most recently new craft beer, Striped Horse.

As Rusmere explains “The word ‘Zang’ is slang for ‘kief’ or ‘cool’ and means ‘energy’ in Chinese culture. So the brand represents ‘cool energy’. The design is inspired by the ‘calavera’ or sugar from the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. This playfulness of the design resonates with African design and use of colour. The intricate detail in the artwork of the skull is derived from our very own Cape broekielace – making the brand uniquely South African.”

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Written by Nic Berti
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