I got a chance to chat with Christian Tiger School before their opening set for Maribou State set at Good Luck Bar this Saturday, check it out…



Five years ago you released your debut album, how have you as artists evolved since then?

We have come a long way since our first release i.t.o our ability and experience as producers/musicians. Our sound is more complex but also more unique to us. We are really proud of how our live show has improved but we are still finding ways to make it better.


You’ve played Sonar Barcelona line-up this year alongside Anderson. Paak. and DJ Shadow, to name a few. How does it feel being on a line-up with such awesome artists and which international artist would be your first pick to share the stage with?

Sonar was a big one for us because it’s been a goal of ours to play there since the start. It’s great to see how different artists perform their music as well, so it kind of acts as a learning opportunity for us as well. We feel like those types of shows attract an audience that has a lot patience and willingness to interact with music in a very special way.


You guys are not the typical electronic act, using controllers, drum pads and keyboards. What made you start experimenting with various instruments in the first place?

Most electronic acts use an array of gear and instruments. We’ve just tried to focus on the way we use gear and our approach to performing live. We try to balance it between being an electronic act and approaching it with a more traditional band ethos as to allow ourselves the space to improvise and manipulate songs as we feel necessary.


I see that you are releasing your first vinyl this December, which is pretty dope. Any chance we’ll get to see an EP or album coming soon?

We’ll be releasing an EP early next year as well as a collaborative project we’ve been involved in.


Looking forward to it! You’ve pretty much played most if not all festivals in South Africa. Which international festival are you just aching to play?

Mutek, Field Day, Worldwide Festival and Movement Electronic Music Festival.


Since you’re on the same line-up as Maribou State, are you amped to check them live and what is your favourite track of theirs?

Yeah, very excited, it’s great to see an act perform/DJ for the first time. The Clown is probably our favourite as well as the Axel Boman remix of the same track.


Thanks for answering these short questions guys. Looking forward to your set on the 9th, it’s going to be mental!

Written by Nic Berti
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