Michael Leser has become a part of Joburg and P-Town’s staple music diet. Not many people would think: ‘Electronic Swing from a guy with dreads, yeah I can dig it.’ We can dig it!
1. How many times have you graced the Park Acoustics stage now?
2. Which aspect of Park Acoustics are you looking forward to above all else? 

I love all aspects of Park Acoustics. From beginning to end this is my most favorite festival in the world, let me see erm,  I’m playing a set after Jack Parow & Francois van Coke = Awesome, there’s a Warm Up floor feat Phat Jack = Awesome Brandy and Coke on tap = Awesome!  It’s a combination of things that I look forward to so a bit difficult to answer.


3. Swing is not the most popular genre of music out there, what made you decide to settle on it? 

I’ve always loved Swing/Jazz music for many years and have been collecting vinyls for a long time like Louie Armstrong, Elle Fitzgerald etc so when I first discovered Electro Swing it was love at first sight especially coming from a House background, also I love good music and not shy to try out different styles. Swing music in general is a very happy and fun sound especially at festivals.


4. What other genres did you dabble in before you settled on swing?

Deep House, Jackin Chicago House, Deep Tech, Techno, Psy Prog, 70s Disco, Motown Funk, 50s rocknroll I still play all these styles at different events but the Swing has kinda taken over hehe.


5. Did you ever think the genre of electronic swing would be picked up by the JHB/PTA crowds so seamlessly?

Actually I did right from the start, I knew it would work though. In the beginning promoters weren’t to keen to book me for that sound and that’s how and why I launched my Lets Swing It brand to cement it a bit more, the peeps in Pretoria welcomed the sound and me with open arms and this city remains my most favorite place to play theres so many open minded forward thinking peeps here which made my job so easy! Love you too Jozi 😉


6. You recently also played at Capital Craft Beer Festival. Highlights?

Aaaaah another quality festival brought to you by the Park Acoustics crew. The highlight was hosting my own Lets Swing It stage at this festival what an honor what a day the floor rocked from beginning to end loved it so much and then to be surrounded by beer what a treat!


7. While watching you at Capital Craft I started wondering what your next hairstyle could be. The dreads have set the bar quite high you know

Hahaha wow that’s a difficult one. I havent imagined myself without them its been 20 years already, can I get back to you on that one??? 😉


8. What other hobbies do you have besides making music? 

I absolutely LOVE collecting collectable hard to find Jazz & Funk vinyls this is very close to my heart also I love drinking beer equally oh yeah!!!


9. Where can we get your tracks? 




Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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