TheCITY. Nguwe. You. All seemingly unrelated words but put them together with a band from Cape Town and you get a new Afro Story. Mixing pop, electronic and hip-hop sounds, TheCITY has managed to give the South African music industry a rad new sound. Here is what they have to say about their sound and launching their new self titled EP.


  • What are some of the venues you have been dying to play at?

That’s awefully dramatic haha. We’d like to play Bushfire festival next year, they really make an effort to have interesting and culturally relevant line ups.


  • Are you planning on doing some launch gigs in JHB and PTA, if so when and where? 

We’re in the planning stages of doing a tour in jozi. If you follow us on social media you will get updates.


  • You launched your very first EP on the 24th of April at The Imperial in CT, what was the most difficult aspect of the whole process for you as a band?

Initially distilling crazy ideas into relatable songs was tricky. Because we’re into a wide variety of music, deciding what to keep that would enhance the feel and support the vocals without being precious about parts was hard, but you learn to be very honest with yourself and each other during that process so it was good.  


  • While subconsciously tapping my foot to your first single, Nguwe, I came to the realisation that TheCITY makes a clear break from anything we have in the local music industry right now. Was this a strategic decision or did everything just ‘happen’ to fall into place for you?

Thank you for the kind words.  I’m sure every musician would like to think they’re doing something unique. We’re just making music we want to hear because we can’t hear it anywhere else. 


  • Any artists you would like to share the stage with?

Little Dragon, Kendrick Lamar, D’Angelo, The Brother Moves On, Okmalumkoolkat, Thundercat are a few acts we really dig.


  • The combination of hip-hop, electronica and pop can be surprising to some but you seem to get the balance perfect! How long did it take you to find that sweet spot?

Thank you.Well it’s a constantly evolving process for us, we share influences and talk often about what we want the music to be about so we’re on the same page and we know when it’s right because we can’t stop playing haha.


  • Many bands would say that there is one milestone event that will make them feel like they’ve ‘made it’. What is the big event you are holding out for?

We’ve come to realise our careers are journeys and we take things as they come and keep what we’re trying to do with our music at heart. Yes we have goals and ambitions and work super hard but focusing  on ‘making it’ as you say is a little immature and can be dangerous to your spirit because every career has highs and lows. We would love for the Afropunk Fest in NYC to have us because we dig what they’re about and it would be cool if they dug us.


  • Are you working on other side projects, either individually or as a collective? 

Clem is the other half of The Kiffness, Reuben drums for Jimmy Nevis, Ryan sessions for Jeremy Loops and plays in another band called The Shabeen and Bonj has just finished an EP with Card On Spokes.


  • Favourite song off your first EP?

Long For You


  • How can we get a hold of the EP once its launched?

We will be selling CDs at our live shows and if you mail us we can send you a hard copy otherwise you can find it on iTunes, Google play, Spotify, Shazam, Deezer and Xbox Music.


Contact them on to get your dirty paws on their very first EP and stalk them on social for any news on future gigs and plans.







Written by La-Rochelle

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