| Parklife // Matthew Mole Interview
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Parklife // Matthew Mole Interview

Parklife // Matthew Mole Interview

Parklife is coming up and I got a chance to chat to Matthew Mole about all things music, touring and the best festivals.  Check it out…


The last few years for you look like they’ve been quite a ride, how did it feel touring Europe and the UK? It must be quite surreal?

Man, it’s just been a dream. I have always wanted to travel and see the world and to get a small taste of that while playing music, is just beyond what I could have asked for. I’m only just starting, but I have plans to keep it growing and get to as much of the world as possible!


You have a lot of fans both here and abroad, what is the weirdest fan mail you’ve ever received?

I always find the weirdest messages are the one’s where a person just says “hi”. I mean, sometimes I respond but it’s just creepy. I love getting long messages from people, it just means so much that they would take the time to do that!


It’s been 3 years since your last album, can we expect a new one soon?

If I try to say something sneaky and cryptic then I’m still going to give away all the secrets!


Which musician or band inspires the music you make lately?

While I’m writing new music, I like to listen to music that is completely different from mine because it keeps the ideas in my head very fresh. But I’m really loving the artists that do things differently to the traditional band, like people that are combining things that you shouldn’t combine. I love that.


You’re playing Parklife Festival, which local one-day festival is your favourite? (Besides Parklife obviously 😉)

In the part of the industry that I am in, there really aren’t a whole lot more that even come close to Parklife. I have always loved Joburg Day, it’s an enormous honor to be on the same stage as the bands that play at those shows!


If you had to throw your own festival, what would be your ideal line-up?

I’m keeping it local to South African music, because that’s all you need! Desmond & The Tutus, Gangs Of Ballet (if they would come back), The World Of Birds, Francois van Coke, Majozi, Alice Phoebe Lou, Easy Freak. I would also like to be on the lineup, please!


We all love music, where do you find the music you dig?

I have actually found most of my favorite new music on YouTube. I have found some incredible suggested music while listening to music that I already know and love.


Catch Matthew Mole and a whole host of other artists at Parklife on Friday the 9th of August (it’s a public holiday)!  For more info, check out my post HERE.

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