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The first-person action-adventure game Prey has been getting some pretty good reviews lately and for good reason, it’s a good game. My main reason for loving the game is the soundtrack, it’s eerie eighties synth inspired sound is reminiscent of that the Stranger Things theme song and to tell you the truth, its great!

Prey itself is a good game, but it’s not my type of game though I do see why people are raving about it. I’m more of a shoot-em-up, hunter-gatherer kind of gamer and Prey is not that type of game.  You start as Morgan Yu, who is being studied upon a space station called Talos I when all of a sudden a strange hostile alien lifeform that comes in all shapes and sizes called Typhon, who were being researched on the station, escape.  You can guess how it goes from there… It’s bloody frightening!

The sound effects and soundtrack is what solidifies the experience and makes it so terrifying.  One moment you’ll be walking down a quiet hallway and then all of a sudden the music kicks in, almost foreshadowing the coming alien foes that move in an ungodly way and pop out from everywhere.  The soundtrack comes from Mick Gordon, who also did the DOOM soundtrack but this time he has slowed the pace of the music at times from being mostly run-and-gun like it was in DOOM to a moodier, ambient pace that at some points of the game makes you feel like you have a purpose for being there.  It’s kind of uplifting in a weird way if that makes sense?

The opening song Everything Is Going To Be Okay that you first hear while flying high above the city has to be my most favourite of all. It brings with it hints of Nightcall  by Kavinsky that oozes the eighties synth style, I love so much.  Other tracks like Typhon Voices and The Phantoms strike pure fear into your heart making you creep every so slowly fearing what’s just around the corner and can sometimes be paralysing. Yes, I’m a bit of a woos when it comes to games like this.

While most tracks on the soundtrack are meant to inspire some kind of dread, others like Alex Theme and December and January are serene and utterly beautiful that fit to the moment of the game. You’ll be floating out in space searching for the body of a colleague when this awe-inspiring, leisurely guitar begins to play, and that is when the game is at its best (in my opinion).  The game allows you to just sit back and take everything in before propelling you back into the madness.

In the end, Prey is great, some may like it and others may not.  But what makes it awesome for me is the soundtrack which works in favour of the game and causes those terrifying moments to be even more terrifying and the blissful spaces in between to be beautifully serene.  If you’d like to get a hold of the soundtrack, the original tracks are available on SpotifyApple MusiciTunes, Amazon Music or Google Play.  Enjoy!


Nic Berti

Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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