A Box, a Branch A Chair.Now, we see these things as objects, but as a child they were hosts of endless adventures.
A box became a bunker, a branch was seen as a sword and a chair – the tallest tower in the land.

During our childhoods we took the simplest objects and made them mysterious and intriguing, delivering countless hours of FUN.

Over at the factory we thought it was time we got in touch with that raw imagination.

The Concept Factory presents…

±±±±§ Primary Colours §±±±±

Bringing back the essence of childhood

those very first discoveries and bursts of colourful expressions

play, laugh, create, discover, dance, grow

Come with a kindred spirit of joy and freedom as we recreate the whimsicality of our youth.
Bundles of fun and silliness to find around every corner, behind every door, under every object.

Its time to let loose that inner child

Your playground awaits

▸PLAYGROUND: 17 Wolmarans st Braamfontein
(11th floor)



>>>>>>> Cid Surco

>>>>>>>>>>> Data Takashi

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pop Art Live

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DODGE (Diggin4Dodge,CT)
dodge – South Africa


#R80 – Early bird <<<< LIMITED)

#R110 Presold

#R110 Before 8pm @ the Door

#R150 After 8pm

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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