Beatenberg – 3 dudes from Cape Town who make indie music that sounds like it came from Sophiatown. As I am not that great a writer, this will be a short review – bear with me.


The whole album is very relaxed, with strong African influences. There are times when I thought ‘hey, these guys sound a bit like Johnny Clegg’. It’s brilliant. One song in particular is ‘Beauty Like a Tightened Bow’, whatever you do, you can’t help but feel happy and picture people in old 1950’s outfits in a shebeen. Then come their hits ‘Chelsea Balkmore’ and ‘Pluto’, just all round feel good, hip shaking tunes that make you want to dance around.


Favourite tracks on the album? Rafael, Beauty Like a Tightened Bow, Chelsea Balkmore, Pluto, Scorpionfish, and Cavendish Square. Their guitar riffs and drums fit perfectly together, making one seamless album from start to finish. To me, one of the best albums of 2014 without a doubt. The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg is a must have album in your CD collection and if you do have to chance to watch these guys like, do so, you will not regret it.


Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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