We had a chat with Toby2Shoes a while back, check it out…


  • When one looks at your Facebook profile, there are a bunch of genres listed there. If you could make up a one-word genre to explain your sound, what would that genre be?



  • Tell us a little more of how you got into the music scene…

I love music with a passion and that’s about it really – it all flowed from there…


  • Being from Cape Town, you must see some phenomenal acts on the regular. Which Cape Town act/s are you really enjoying at the moment?

This guy >> www.facebook.com/pages/Dusty-Human/175298629177776


  • Besides playing some rad music, you are also involved in doing Graphic Design. What have been some of your favourite projects to work on?

Ive been working as a designer for a good few years now – there have been so many awesome projects over the years – way to many to mention – although Im busy putting the finishing touches onto my first beer label job – that’s been fun loads of fun J

  • You’ll be coming down to PTA at the end of the month for Park Acoustics. For people who have never seen you live before, what can they do in preparation for your set?

I see Im the last act to play – I kinda think all the preperation will have been done during the day already – its going to be wobbly, bouncy and very very silly… Im really looking forward to it!!!


  • Any chance of a sneaky show in JHB while you down here?

Haha YES! Im playing the night before at miHouse in JHB, at the Let’s Swing It birthday party. And then an early afternoon sneak peak at Livin Room Sundays on Sunday afternoon just after lunch before I head off to PTA…


  • You’re soundcloud has been a little quite over the last couple months. When can we expect another Africa Special?

I made the Africa Special mixes to promote an event I put together with a mate of mine Kimon (who incedentally is also playing at Park Acoustics)… I have some stuff in the pipeline to go up onto Soundcloud – something a little different to whats up there already!

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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