| Watermark High [Interview]
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Watermark High [Interview]

Watermark High [Interview]

We had a chat with Watermark High about his brand new EP, which we think is rad and you should definitely go grab it.  Check it out…


~ None of the songs are conventional “singles” really, it’s all niche music so I just went with what I felt was the track that represented my overall sound the best.~



  1. Explain the musical stylings of Watermark High. Does it compare to anything currently out there?
I guess it’s just a mixture of all my various influences from instrumental hip-hop to experimental electronica to chillwave and downtempo etc. I don’t think I’m reinventing the wheel, but I do strive to not sound like anyone else.


  1. What was the most challenging part of the EP – For Good?
I guess just time. Writing is very time consuming for me. To find the time between my day job, playing live and just general life, to be able to focus on writing for extended periods of time was and is usually my main problem.


  1. How long did it take you before you were happy and confident for your EP – For Good to be released?
I’ve been working on it on and off over the least year or so. Like mentioned above, it’s quite time consuming and I’m also pretty anal about what I release, so I guess that didn’t help 🙂


  1. We all know the process of getting an EP out is a long one. Did you pick up any new quirks, rituals or traditions through any of your 4 EP’s?
Yeah, I think I’ve found that I get more done when I’m able to block off a day or a good couple of hours to just focus and work on music opposed to trying to squeeze in an hour here and there between work and other stuff. That and lots of coffee seems to do the trick.


  1. Galocher is your first release off For Good. What was the reasoning behind this?
None of the songs are conventional “singles” really, it’s all niche music so I just went with what I felt was the track that represented my overall sound the best. Made sense for that track to be released first, which ended up being “Galocher”.


  1. Which song out of your collection do you enjoy performing the most?
I’m not sure. I’ve been trying different things live so it depends on how I’m playing the songs live but I guess, with my previous setup I have an old track called “Burn The Ships” which I used to finger drum live, which was quite fun.


  1. Any plans to do some touring?
Yeah, if anything I’d definitely like to get back to Cape Town again ASAP. I’ll be out and playing around Gauteng again hopefully around July/August.


  1. What’s next on the Watermark High agenda?
I’m already working on new music and planning my next release so I’ll just be focusing on that and playing live.


  1. Where can curious music lovers get a hold of For Good?
It should be on most online retailers like iTunes, Amazon MP3 etc. as well as most streaming services like Spotify and Deezer, just search. Alternatively, all my music, info and external links can be found on my website:
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