We recently had a chat to local band We Are Charlie about losing your man card, touring and road tripping.  Take a look at what they had to say…


You have had quite a journey in the music industry from PTA based boys

and now some gigs booked through SA. What is different with the band

from a year ago to now?


To be honest, the only difference now is that we’re probably a lot

less awkward on stage and we have a better understanding of the

industry. Also we’re enjoying it a lot more and are starting to see

dedicated fans, and we grow fuller beards.


What has been the biggest learning curve for you guys as a group?


Writing songs that we thought would do something and then doesn’t

really do as well as we thought they would. We’ve learned to sit on a

song a lot longer and to write for ourselves more. Also we’ve learned

of ways other than drinking, to suppress the nerves. Like trust



Working on any new tracks?


We are working on a whole album of songs actually. They’ll

hopefully be ready early next year.


How much experimentation goes into working on a new sounds and new



We’ve never really had a set formula, so basically only

experimentation goes into new tracks. There’s nothing wrong with

some good old experimentation.

What does the rest of 2015 look like for We Are Charlie?


It looks pretty great! We’ve got some amazing shows coming up and

a lot of crazy, sweaty party time. We have our first little trip to Cape

Town and hopefully some inappropriate stories that we can tell our

grandkids one day in the mix.


Favourite part of touring?


We’re stuck with each other and it always leads to a good bond. We

usually find some fun stuff to do and we always meet the coolest

people. We recently got into pranking on our last tour so we’re going

to hone that skill.


Who loses his man card most often?


Rowan definitely loses his man card the most. Although, Dylan lost a

biggy last tour when, he left the venue mid party, to go drink a cup of

tea at the guest house. He was drunk and to be honest he probably

thought it was gangster at the time.

Road trip or flying?


Road trip for sure. Getting to stop to look at cool stuff on the side of

the road and fighting over who gets to DJ on that leg of the trip

always makes for good laughs, and a few tears.


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Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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