We did this rad interview with local band We Are Charlie.  They’re rocking out at the Cool Ink Tattoo Expo at the Voortrekker Monument this Friday.


1)Since this is the first time we are chatting to you guys, how did you three get together and form

the band?


Well Wes and Dyl were bestest of besties and had a deep love for the jam. We then met Row who

also kind of liked music so we started a band. And then after that band we made a new band and

here we are… Charlie.


2) The track “Hey Friend” has been getting a considerable amount of play on Soundcloud since it’s

been posted. How often do you guys check out your social stats, and do they mean anything to you?


We’re very proud of it and social media is pretty awesome however, we just want to write music

and soundcloud and other sites are just tools to get us heard. Whether its two Swedish dudes or a

thousand naked Mexican-Scots, doesn’t really matter.


3) You’re finishing up your new EP, when can we expect to hear the completed project?


Hopefully early November but we’ll release a new single before then. It’s called Yard Sale and it

doesn’t completely suck.


4) As you can imagine, we’re major fans of the facial hair and see that you guys are too (given the

moustache on your soundcloud image) What is your guys favourite facial hair styles?


Dyl loves a good old handle bar stache.

Wes is into the full on Lamb of God beard.

Row is really into Germans so he loves a nasty old lady beard.


5) What do you think is the worst facial hair styles?

Any style that’s not on our manager’s face. He grows the most glorious beard in all the land.



Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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