We Are Charlie are one of those South African bands that have all the right moves.  Their music is upbeat, foot stomping, sing-a-long stuff with hints of country, indie and folk.  They’re going places.

The album starts of at a perfect tempo with the track ‘Hey Friend’ and they keep it there.  But every now and then I’m expecting the music to change leading up to the chorus but sadly it doesn’t.  This can be a bit monotonous.  Just a bit.  The first three tracks of the album are killer tracks, radio hits all the way.

In certain songs they kind of sound a bit like Desmond & the Tutus, especially the track Tom and Jerry.  It’s damn awesome!  We Are Charlie’s music is suited perfectly for an outdoor festival, I can picture myself dancing on lush grass, drink in hand, singing along.

I really enjoyed this album.  Three out of six tracks to me were absolutely awesome, the rest were not bad, but for their first EP that’s a good ratio (most albums of 12 or more tracks normally only have 3 or 4 awesome tracks).  Yard Sale is definitely one album you need to grab this year.  And you can buy it HERE.  While you’re at it, go like their Facebook page.


In total, I’ll give this album an…

8 out 10.

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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