| We Chatted to Shorstraw [Interview]
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We Chatted to Shorstraw [Interview]

1. This year has been a huge year for you as a band in terms of touring,

any more international tours planned for next year? Where to next?


Yeah! Nothing planned as yet, but we are always looking for opportunities

to get out there. We’re touring the album in South Africa at the end of

January and hopefully get the chance to take the album overseas at some

point after that.

2. I normally catch you guys drinking at Bob Rock’s in Greenside, how

many lyrics for your new album came to you while intoxicated?


Yeah Bobs is our local. The lyrics are usually based off intoxicated

experiences that probably happened at Bobs.

3. Favourite place to hang out in Jo’burg?




4. Tequila or Jaeger?


5. What is the best gig you guys have had this year?


Ah there have been so many insane shows. All the big festivals were



6. Weirdest experience last year (2014)?


Japan. Shirtless men. Nipple biting.

7. Gad swung me a couple of raw, unmastered tracks from your upcoming

album and I freaking loved them. How many of those original tracks

did you keep on the album and why?


Aw thanks! We cut down from about 17 raw tracks to a final of 14 tracks for

the album. It was really hard to make the selections because we love all

the songs so much. But we chose the songs that were right for this album,

we think.


8. Your new sound is a lot more mature compared to ‘You’re underfed, I’m

wonderful’.  What do you think has changed since then?


Life happens, hey. I guess it comes out in the music. The music we make

is never consciously orchestrated like – “Ok that chord sounds too high

school” We just get in a room and jam shit out and whatever happens,



9. How does it feel to have shared the stage with bands such as The Kooks

and Bombay Bicycle Club?


It’s an honour to share a stage with your heroes. It’s the stuff you dream

about as a kid and the suddenly it’s like, whoa this is actually happening.



10. Your female teeniebopper fans go crazy for you dudes, it must be

kind of weird yes?


We appreciate all our fans and feel flattered when we get shown love!

Looking forward to your new album guys, all the best for the future.


Love your work bro!

Buy Shortstraw’s new album on iTunes here!


Shortstraw YOUTHLESS by Hanro Havenga 06

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