La-Rochelle recently had a chat with front man Mike Zietsman of P.H.fat ahead of their upcoming set at Grietfest.  They chatted about making a mean breakfast, racing skateboards, tequila being fun, and Grietfest (duh).  Check it out…


“Like any good relationship… It’s a compromise”


You’ve been doing a lot of collaborations, including the most recent Mashlab with Al Bairre – Caviar Dreams. Can we expect any more surprises soon?

They wouldn’t be surprises if you could expect them you silly billies…

Every artist has his/her own methods and processes when making music, does this make it difficult when collaborating with various artists? 

It’s weird a lot of people are super comfortable collaborating but we aren’t really. Collaborating is kind of like dating someone short term except you have to get mad intimate with them. We definitely aren’t as free with our collaboration loving as some folks as a result. We’re more into that sort of long term/get to know each other/take it slow/meet the family… You know…

What comes first for you, the beat or the lyrics? 

Like any good relationship… It’s a compromise

Any hidden talents for you guys? Board game experts or long boarders perhaps?

I used to race skateboards (even used to fly to other countries to race skateboards) and I make a mean breakfast. But my breakfast sucks compared to the breakfast that Narch will make you. He used to be a proper actual chef.

Grietfest 2015 is happening on the 29th of August. What, for  you sets the counter cultural electronic dance festival apart from others. 

It depends. the weird thing is that everyone thinks that they are part of some mega important counter culture and a lot identity is created around that sense of belonging and it occasionally acts like… Shield for real taste. I think Grietfest is cool because it isn’t being sold on that “join the cool gang” pitch if that makes sense? I get the impression like the people throwing it are actual music fans. Not head counting money hunters. It shows in all the production and the way that not every act is being chosen as people pullers. I get a certain sincere essence from the whole thing.

Any local or international acts you’d like to see at Grietfest in the future? 

I really enjoyed Bart B.More last year… Mr Oizo? He makes so much sense on a grittiest lineup to me. Or gessaffelstein. (is that how you spell his name)

Anything you’ve learned from attending the previous Grietfests? 

Bring warm clothes in case twelve feet of hail appear from the middle of nowhere. Also… if you are artist, Grietfest is a dope place to try out new shit because the crowd aren’t boring sleepers who want to hear shit they can get off the radio.

Keeping your energy up at these festivals is sometimes challenging. Do you call on Red Bull or Tequila for help?

Red Bull is definitely more of a thing I lean on in those situations. Tequila is for the fun. Not a coping mechanism 🙂

What is your post-party routine?

Hang out with my friends. Always.

What’s next for you guys? 



Thanks for the chat Mike, keep it real.  

While you’re at it, you can check out P.H.fat on their Facebook, Twitter and website.

Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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