• This year has been pretty awesome for you guys so far. A bunch of MK Awards, a new video and the new album is out for pre-order. How do you guys keep up the momentum?

We argue a lot, and then we hug, and somehow the machine just keeps on going.


  • It’s been two years (again) for a new album. Is that becoming your standard formula for creating/recording new albums?

It seems that way, yes. We formed at the start of 2009, released ‘n Ware Verhaal end 2010, then released DIE DINKDANSMASJIEN end 2012, now we’re releasing SKERM end 2014. Yip, that’s a definite pattern – 2 years per album release.


  • What’s the process for you guys when it comes to planning a new album? Do you map everything out and do it all in stages, or just work on all the different elements as they come?

It varies, but this time we really streamlined our process to be at our most efficient. We understand our roles in the band pretty well at this stage, so we maximized what we’re good at and brought it all together.

  • “SKERM” is now your youngest baby. Do you guys have that “the baby is always the favourite” mentality with this album?

Maybe. But this one isn’t even born yet!


  • What’s the general vibe for the album this time round? In terms of collaborations, the number is pretty low in comparison to the last two albums. Is this album more focused and driven on the three of you?

Yes, all three members’ voices and musical presences are clearly distinguished on this album. And we’ve only worked with three other artists this time around, a significant drop in colab numbers for us! Tumi, Tim and HemelBesem all bring gold to SKERM.


  • The album is up on iTunes for pre-oder. Have you been keeping an eye on the pre-sale numbers so far?

Not at all, to be honest I don’t even know how to do that (Jaco here – I’m guessing Peach is a bit more clued up with the iWorld).


  • Let’s chat about the video for SKERM. It’s pretty insane and there is a ton of things going on in it. What was the video storyboarding and concept process like for it?

Louis would have to answer this one. He’s usually incredibly meticulous in his treatments and planning, sometimes we’re only around for the middle part of the production process, the actual filming. This time Peach did give some pretty good ideas for parts of the video, we spend quite a bit of time chatting about it on the road between gigs.


  • Will you guys be doing nationwide album launches come October?

Definitely, still tons of gigs before November. We’ll be releasing the tour posters soon, sorting out some last sponsorship details, watch our facebook page for the dates and cities…

Grab their new album HERE.

Written by Nic Berti
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