Bye Beneco squeezed us into their hectic schedule as they prepare for one of the raddest opportunities,  to open for Ben Howard in CPT and then in JHB this coming weekend!


1. You have quite a busy weekend ahead of you touring with Ben Howard in JHB and CPT. On a level of 1 to freaking out, how excited are you?

Freaking out for sure. But in a composed, excited as hell kinda manner! We are really stoked to have been asked and be on the bill with an artist as big as Ben Howard.


2. How do you prepare for live shows on a scale as large as the Ben Howard tour

Jam lots. We have to remind ourselves that nothing more is expected of us than what we’ve been doing all along, and with the size of this upcoming show, it’s easy to feel like you have offer ‘more’. That’s probably just nerves. We have been practicing every night since we were confirmed, keeping the existing material tight and working on some new tracks that we’ll debut at the first show in CT on the 22nd.


3. Nerves?

Plenty! Nerves are good.


4. A lot of the recent shows and tours in South Africa have been during the day. Do you have a preference for daytime chill sessions or nighttime jams?

We’re easy. Both are good. If we had to choose, it would be nighttime shows. It feels right.


5. Are they even comparable?

Yes, they are. Daytime shows are often more intimidating because people have a really clear view of you, and so things feel way more personal. It’s weird to say, but music belongs to the night.


6. What are your plans after the Ben Howard Live in SA tour? New music, Bye Beneco tour? Cool gigs?

For sure. All of the above. We are planning a national tour for summer. We haven’t gigged in Durban yet, so we’ll put a lot of focus on that leg of the trip. New music always – We have some unheard material that we will debut at the Ben Howard show on the first night, but we have nearly an album’s worth of songs were writing and forming still. Soon! You can check us out at Oppi Koppi this year and Rise and Shine later in August. Lots to look forward to.


7. Which artists do you take inspiration from when creating new music?

Ibeyi, Mac Demarco, Suuns, Explosions In The Sky, Norma Tanega, Warpaint, and a million more of course. The 4 of us in the band have pretty different tastes in music, so that’s become an interesting thing in terms of different sounds being brought to the table.


8. How did you manage to get your own veggie burger at Dukes in Greenside?

They asked us if we would like to come up with one for their band menu and of course we were psyched on that! We saw the other burgers bands had done and realized they weren’t any vegetarian options, so we did that. Cool thing though!


9. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Facebook: Bye Beneco

Twitter: @byebenecoband

Instagram: @byebeneco



Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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