We had a chat with Dan Patlansky about his new album and some other stuff too:

1) Being called “one of the world’s finest blues-based storytellers of his generation” is something other musicians can only dream of – How do you react to all the praise your music has been given over the last couple years?

Well, I’m flattered of course. I don’t necessarily believe it to be true; I think letting too much stuff like that into your head is definitely not great for going forward musically. But I’m just very grateful for all the amazing support fans have given me over the years. Its a tough industry out there, and the support is everything

2)  So much has already happened this year for you – Playing with The Boss, the Blues Rock Review announcement and now the new album, have you had one of those “it can’t get better than this” moments?

Bruce Springsteen was definitely one of those highlights for me. A few others would be playing in New Orleans for the first time and playing Cape Town International Jazz Festival for the first time. The blues rock review was also a major feather in my cap. However I always believe things can get better, and it keeps me on my toes.

3) Dear Silent Thieves is album number 7, do you think this is lucky number 7?

Not really lucky number 7, but I feel this is my best album by far because of the songs we chose and the fantastic production by Theo Crous.

4)  How was it working with Theo Crous in the studio?

It was fantastic and long over due. I’ve worked with Theo before on mixes but never from the word go on an album. He brought a lot to the table that I never would have thought of. With Theo, the song is key and the rest follows naturally.

5) Having produced your previous albums yourself, and now handing over the reins to let someone else to sink their teeth into must have been both nerve-wrecking and exciting – did you chew off all your finger nails?

It was a bit uncomfortable at first. It’s all about trusting your producer. That trust came pretty quickly once I let Theo do his thing. He is a very talented producer. We butted heads a few times but all found common ground. Fantastic experience all round.

6) Later in the year you will be headlining Horsens festival in Denmark – how did that come about?

Well we got the chance to play the small stage last year, and it went down so great they asked us to be a headline act on the main stage at this year’s fest. I’m super amped for it! Great bunch of guys to play for.

7)  The album launch tour kicks off today (May 9) in JHB, what can people expect from the tour as a whole? 

Best live show we have ever had in my opinion. I think the tunes really translate great into the live format. Lots of guitar driven energy. But like all previous shows, we will give it all we got every night.

8)  Any chance of the launch tour being filmed as a “live DVD” vibe for those who can’t make it in person? 

That’s been on the cards for years now. The tough thing is capturing the right performance, which doesn’t come easy, because you never know what night will be the one. I hope to release something within the next few years though.

9) Besides the shows, where will we be able to get the album? 

In a few weeks time it will be available on platforms worldwide such as iTunes.

10) Once we’ve got the album, what environment should we play it first? The car, the kitchen, the lounge etc

On one of the vast patios of Nkandla while sipping an ice cold ale.


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Written by Nic Berti
Founder at El Beardo. Music addict. Festival junkie. Gamer.

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