Three part album. Three piece band. One rad chat with some good laughs at the end. We sat in our undies with Gangs Of Ballet to talk Form & Function.


I just need to ask, do you guys ever have downtime? 

Sure thing! I’m currently sitting on the couch in my undies…


Why the long wait before we got a new album out of you?
Well.. there are two reasons: The first is we have just gone from a 4 piece to a 3 piece so with that came a few challenges that we needed to figure out. The second reason is that we needed to write a new album and make sure that it is strong enough to compete overseas.
Are there any surprises for us in Form & Function
I hope so! We think it’s pretty different for us.
I see that Form & Function is in three parts. Why is this?
So we decided to try and write and record as we go in order to stay current. The problem we had with a full length album is that once you eventually get the thing out, the songs are old. So we don’t know that this is the “right” way to do things, we are just trying something different for us.
You have released your first single – Always – what has been the feedback? Has it been compared to anything interesting? 
The feedback has been good. I think it’s probably the most similar to our older material so it’s not a drastic departure from what people know from us. No we actually haven’t which is weird! Usually that’s the first thing people do.
When will the tour for Form & Function start and where will you be heading? 
Our first was on 9 Oct at Arcade Empire then we did Barnyard in Rivonia the next night. After that we head to Cape Town and PE and then Durban.
Do you ever wish touring could just become parties at your house where you can still go to bed at 22:00? 
Haha! No. I don’t ever sleep early anymore, I think my sleep cycle is broken so the late nights don’t really bother me.
The ever cliché question – What’s next from Gangs of Ballet? 
Well we tour this first part then get into studio for the second part and then the big goal is to try push overseas on this record.
What can we do if we feel like a chat?
Brad’s number is 0837889341
( kidding that isn’t it so don’t try haha! )
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Written by Nic Berti
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